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The great $1.4 billion KiwiSaver panic

Many investors caught up in the great $1.4 billion KiwiSaver sell-off in March will never switch back to a growth fund. An exodus of panicked KiwiSavers switched from share-heavy growth funds into cash and conservative funds in March as global sharemarkets plunged, and Milford’s head of KiwiSaver Murray Harris said: “Many of these members will…
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Auckland cancer patient given two years to live without unfunded drug

A woman was told over the phone during coronavirus lockdown she could have just two years left to live. Mandy Grantley, from Auckland’s Avondale, was diagnosed with bowel cancer on the day of her mother’s funeral in 2018. She had chemotherapy and went into remission, but in April, the cancer returned. Read the full article here

Coronavirus: Elective surgery catch-up could take years

It could take years to get through a backlog of elective surgery patients caused by Covid-19 restrictions, say specialists. Senior doctors warn there aren’t enough specialists to increase capacity and many work in both the public and private sectors. Read the full article here

Government funding boost for Pharmac

Government funding boost for Pharmac announced, but it doesn’t go far enough for some cancer sufferers. The Government has boosted Pharmac’s funding by $160 million over the next four years to ensure Kiwis can keep getting medicine when global supply chains have been disrupted by the pandemic. Read the full article here…

Without Keytruda, 30 deaths a week in NZ from cancer

Pharmac’s decision to backtrack on funding Keytruda is a major blow for equality in New Zealand’s health system, a leading oncologist says. Lung cancer is the most fatal cancer in New Zealand, taking about 1800 lives a year, but immunotherapy drugs like Keytruda have been proving effective. Medical oncologist Laird Cameron said while they were…
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Keytruda is effectively used in treatment for lung cancer, melanoma, head and stomach cancer and Pharmac had fully intended to fund it. However last week it was announced that Pharmac has frozen plans to fund Keytruda, saying it can no longer afford to make the investment. Pharmac was concerned about rising drug prices worldwide in…
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Stay the course and leave your KiwiSaver account alone

One of the most frightening aspects of Covid-19 has been its effects on our financial stability. This was already showing its hand as we headed towards lockdown via our diving KiwiSaver balances, causing dismay and uncertainty around the (now-virtual) water cooler. Depending on your type of fund, KiwiSaver has been riding the roller coaster of the…
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Covid 19 coronavirus: Hamilton mum’s lockdown diagnosis – breast cancer

With three family members already having succumbed to cancer, Hamilton woman Zandra Bleasdale knew she’d have to tread carefully when telling her two young children her news. Over the past four years, Bleasdale has lost her mother, step mum and step dad to pancreatic and lung cancers, respectively. It’s meant that her children, aged 7…
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Clients insured with Fidelity

For clients who have a Fidelity policy with us please follow the link below to Fidelity’s offical customer response page. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the Adelphi Customer Care Team on 0800 656 670 or email us at customercare@ains.nz. Fidelity’s Covid-19 Information

Clients insured with AIA

For clients who have an AIA policy with us please follow the link to AIA’s official customer response page. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the Adelphi Customer Care Team on 0800 656 670 or email us at customercare@ains.nz AIA’s Covid-19 Information