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Six months and counting: Taranaki woman’s ‘very stressful’ wait for ultrasound

Taranaki woman Jamie Jeffreys has been trying to get an ultrasound since last October. She has undiagnosed health problems and was referred to the Taranaki District Health Board (TDHB) by[…]

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Is insurance a waste of money when we may never use it?

OPINION: Let’s talk insurance – yep, I see a yawn right there. Let’s talk making sure we don’t have to worry if something unexpected goes wrong because we know we will[…]

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Wait list for colonoscopies more than doubles since bowel screening starts

Nearly 450 Cantabrians are waiting longer than the maximum recommended time for a colonoscopy as the roll-out of a national bowel cancer screening programme increases pressure on services. A report[…]

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The price of a life: stark choice facing Kiwis needing unfunded medicines

Sick New Zealanders who need unfunded medicines are faced with a stark choice: turn to crowdfunding platforms and rely on the generosity of strangers, or remortgage the house. But is[…]

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Can KiwiSaver save the economy? Actually, yes

I don’t blame the economists for this, they are paid to predict the next quarter, not the next 20 years. And they tend to think of KiwiSaver money as just[…]

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Samoan bodybuilder facing breast cancer thought she was ‘too fit’ to get sick

An Auckland bodybuilder who thought she was too fit and healthy to get sick is warning women, especially Pasifika women, to pay attention to their health after she faced cancer[…]

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Christchurch mum diagnosed with breast cancer at 37 weeks pregnant

Tamara Milne was 37 weeks pregnant when she was diagnosed with breast cancer during the Covid-19 lockdown. The 33-year-old, who works at Christchurch Hospital as a radiographer, was in the[…]

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Family’s $50,000 cost for dad’s life-extending bowel cancer medicine

With a supportive wife, five daughters and eight grandchildren, Tony Sullivan has something to fight for. But extending his life in the battle with bowel cancer will cost his family[…]

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After eight-year cancer battle radio personality Michael Kooge has died

A battle with cancer that lasted almost a decade has reached an end for Auckland radio personality Michael Kooge. The 36-year-old ex-newsreader on The Edge died today after being moved to hospice in mid[…]

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