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From quote to claim

For a helping hand with your Health, Personal or Business Risk Insurance, Adelphi’s experienced advisers, and friendly client support staff are here to take the hassle out of insurance and to provide you with great service from quote to claim.

The appropriate cover

Whether you are a couple, family, individual, established business or a new venture, it is critical that you and your business are protected by the appropriate cover. The cover you choose must produce the financial outcome you expect and want should an unexpected life event occur.

Kiwi owned

Adelphi Insurance Brokers Ltd is a nationwide Kiwi owned insurance brokerage with a wealth of experience in the New Zealand Insurance Industry. We are committed to providing exceptional service by first understanding your needs and circumstances, then developing with you a Personalised Protection Package to give you maximum cover at an affordable price.

Adelphi Insurance Brokers “providing a safety net for life’s unexpected events”

Our unique 4-step process

We are here to lend a hand



Visiting in the comfort of your home, or your office, and getting to know you.



By getting to know you, your circumstances, and your needs, we can prepare a tailored plan that will deliver the financial outcomes you want should one of life’s unexpected events occur.



Working together, we will implement your Personalised Protection Package to give you maximum protection at a price that fits your budget.



Should an unexpected life event occur, whether it be surgery, a serious illness or accident, you are unable to work or the worst case scenario of the loss of a loved one, we will be there to guide you through the claims process.

What we can help you with

Your health and your ability to earn an income are your two most important assets. Adelphi’s team of expert advisers and friendly customer support staff work alongside you to protect your lifestyle, your income, your family and your business should an unexpected life event occur.

Personal Insurance

There are many risks you face during your lifetime, but the most serious ones you will face are death, loss of income, serious illness and the need for medical intervention (surgery).

Business Insurance

When you own a business, part of your risk management strategy is looking at the hard “what if” scenarios.

Farmers Insurance

Farmers have a unique work environment and, therefore, need a unique form of insurance. As a farmer you know how unpredictable life can be,
and it’s not just the elements you have to worry about.


KiwiSaver is a voluntary, work-based savings initiative, to help New Zealanders purchase their first home, and to prepare financially for retirement. The different type of funds you can choose from can produce significantly different outcomes.

Adelphi Helping Hand
proudly supports

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Joshua Stirling - Financial Adviser, Insurance SpecialistJosh is a Financial Adviser working throughout the Auckland region. After finishing his studies in finance and economics at the University of Auckland, Josh followed his passions and skillset to the insurance advisory industry. Josh has a firm devotion to his clients with the professional service he provides, ensuring that he delivers the best advice tailored to his clients’ financial needs. Josh aims to bring the optimal level of protection to his clients. He achieves this through attentive analysis and use of his knowledge and skillset in financial products, all to provide sound advice that instils confidence. ... See MoreSee Less
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Exciting news!! We are proud to announce the recent acquisition of The ACC Alternative, the leading provider of advice around ACC levies and optimal income protection for business owners in NZ. The ACC Alternative is a smart way of protecting your income – unlike ACC, it covers you for accidents and illnesses. In most cases, you’ll get three times the cover for around the same cost as your standard self-employed accident-only ACC cover. Head over to https://accalternative.co.nz/ to learn more. ... See MoreSee Less

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

“A big thank you from Ian & Cheryl, we called our provider to ask how they can reduce our premiums. We were told to just cancel it. Cheryl was livid, so a call from Adelphi’s call centre was timely and very professional. They are now happy to be a part of the Adelphi family.”

Ian & Cheryl

“Wow, I don’t know what to say other than I owe you an enormous debt of gratitude. Because of the Covid crisis and my husband’s job we will not lose our home now. A whole lot of stress has now been taken away from our family.
You have been amazing!”

Julia and Gary

“Nic was great, went the extra mile to go through my former insurance policies & work out what was best for me going forward. Very happy!!!”

Anton (29), Taranaki